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Pokerstars on a MAC
  DonVale, Jul 15 2008

So I am going off to college next year and just purchased a
MAC, was wondering if anyone plays stars on their mac and if the beta thing actually works well off the stars website?

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  DonVale, May 27 2008

I was wondering if any reputable player would be willing to transfer 50 dollars onto my pokerstars account, I'll ship 50 on full tilt first to any takers

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  DonVale, May 16 2008

Ok, so some of you may remember me, some won't but that's not really the point. I used to play on poker stars up to NL50 fr...That was when i was 16, I was very irresponsible with my money and was very tilt prone. I have not played for over a year and a half and would like to make a comeback. I am now 18 and think that i have matured quite a lot over the last year and a half. I am going off to college in August and would also try to make a little money on the side playing poker. I will have a job in the summer but would like to play a little before I go to bed and what not. So, the other day I pulled out my VISA debit card and tried to was declined for some reason (financial institution would not support my deposit or something?)...Then, i asked my older sister if i could use her credit card to deposit 50 bucks and i'd give her the cash...Her card was also declined. This gives me a problem do i get money onto stars? Is it worth to ask someone on here for 15 bucks? Should i try to build up the play money to 1 million? Idk but would like to start playing as soon as possible...


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